Road Trips Volume 2 Number 3 is a two-CD live album by the American rock band the Grateful Dead. The seventh in their "Road Trips" series of albums, it was recorded on June 16, 1974, at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa, and on June 18, 1974, at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. A third, bonus disc included with some copies of the album was recorded at the same two concerts. The album was released on June 18, 2009.

The cover of Road Trips Volume 2 Number 3 depicts the Wall of Sound. This was the very large and powerful concert sound system being used by the Grateful Dead at the time of these shows. It was composed of more than 600 speakers, powered by dozens of amplifiers. Each musical instrument had its own dedicated array of speakers. The Wall of Sound provided a superior sonic environment for Dead concert audiences of that era.

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Track listingEdit

Disc OneEdit

State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA 6/16/74

  1. "China Cat Sunflower" > (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter)
  2. "I Know You Rider" (traditional, arranged by Grateful Dead)
  3. "The Race Is On" (Don Rollins)
  4. "Eyes of the World" > (Garcia, Hunter)
  5. "Big River" (Johnny Cash)
  6. "U.S. Blues" (Garcia, Hunter)
  7. "Playing in the Band" (Weir, Mickey Hart, Hunter)

Disc TwoEdit

Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY 6/18/74

  1. "Loose Lucy" (Garcia, Hunter)
  2. "Eyes of the World" > (Garcia, Hunter)
  3. "China Doll" (Garcia, Hunter)
  4. "Weather Report Suite" > (Bob Weir, Eric Andersen, John Perry Barlow)
  5. "Jam" > (Grateful Dead)
  6. "The Other One" > (Weir)
  7. "It's a Sin Jam" > (Grateful Dead)
  8. "Stella Blue" (Garcia, Hunter)

Bonus DiscEdit

Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY 6/18/74

  1. "Morning Dew" (Bonnie Dobson, Tim Rose)
  2. "Around and Around" (Chuck Berry)

State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA 6/16/74

  1. "Deal" (Garcia, Hunter)
  2. "Greatest Story Ever Told" (Weir, Hunter)
  3. "Truckin'" > (Garcia, Lesh, Weir, Hunter)
  4. "Nobody's Jam" > (Grateful Dead)
  5. "Wharf Rat" (Garcia, Hunter)
  6. "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad" (traditional, arranged by Grateful Dead)

Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY 6/18/74

  1. "Sugar Magnolia" (Weir, Hunter)


Grateful DeadEdit


  • Produced by Grateful Dead
  • Compilation produced by David Lemieux and Blair Jackson
  • CD mastering by Jeffrey Norman
  • Recording by Kidd Candelario
  • Liner notes essay "The Wall of Sound" by Dennis McNally
  • Archival research by Eileen Law
  • Cover art by Scott McDougall
  • Wall of Sound diagram by Mary Ann Mayer
  • Photos by Kirk Drange, Ray Ellingsen, Lexie Alexander May, and Richard Pechner
  • Package design by Steve Vance