Vintage Dead is a live album by the rock group the Grateful Dead. It was recorded at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, California in the autumn of 1966, and released in October 1970.

Vintage Dead was produced without the approval or cooperation of the Grateful Dead. However, it is a legal recording, not a bootleg. It was released on the Sunflower Records label, a subsidiary of MGM Records, and reached number 127 on the Billboard 200. Produced as a vinyl LP and long out of print, it has not been released as a CD although I Know You Rider did appear on the box set So Many Roads (1965 to 1995).

Vintage Dead was followed by another Sunflower Records album recorded at the Avalon in 1966, Historic Dead.

Track listingEdit

Side one

  1. "I Know You Rider" (traditional) – 4:25
  2. "It Hurts Me Too" (Elmore James) – 4:17
  3. "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (Bob Dylan) – 4:50
  4. "Dancing in the Street" (William "Mickey" Stevenson, Marvin Gaye, Ivy Jo Hunter) – 7:55

Side two

  1. "In the Midnight Hour" (Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett) – 18:23


Grateful DeadEdit


  • Produced and engineered by Robert Cohen
  • Edited and remixed by Richard Delvy
  • Front cover and design by John Pierce and Mokelvey
  • Poster design by Kelley/Mouse Studios